Finding a Home in Durham

On June 15th CWS and Curator Adrian Schlesinger collaborated to put on
“Home is in You,” a show exploring the challenges faced by refugees
in their journey to find a sense of home. The evening was a wonderful
opportunity for artists, refugees, CWS staff, and community members to
enjoy great art, connect with each other, and share their own stories of
finding places of belonging here in Durham.

Pieces were contributed to the show by a wide variety of North Carolina
artists, including Marga de Brujin, a Dutch transplant to the Durham
area. Her work, “At Home in the Triangle,” included a perpetual
triangle that included an I-40 sign, pine trees, cardinals, dogwoods,
homes, the RDU airport, and The Well on the University of North
Carolina’s campus. Ms. De Brujin noted that the show held personal
meaning, bringing back memories of the when she first arrived in the

Church World Service would like to thank Joe Van Gogh, Ninth Street
Bakery, McAlister’s Deli, Loaf, Whole Foods, and all of the
contributing artists for donating to make Home is In You possible. Your
generosity enables us to extend a hand of welcome to our newest
neighbors. We would also like to thank Adrian Schlesinger, Wendy
Kowalski, and their team for reaching out to CWS and illustrating the
beauty and spirit of community-based civic engagement.

**For more photos of the event by Kate Roberts, click here.**

If you would like to get involved with CWS or have an idea for a
community outreach event, please email Kelly at

Photography by Kate Roberts


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