General Advocacy Information:

Click here for a Refugee Advocacy Toolkit. It applies directly to the time frame surrounding World Refugee Day in the summertime, but is as also useful for supporting refugees every other day of the year! Assembled and published by Refugee Council USA, it has some great tips for organizing, advocacy, and empowering support.

For more extensive information to equip you in advocating for refugees in North Carolina and throughout the United States, please visit:

Supporting Materials: 
  1. A comprehensive resource page for faith communities. Includes talking points on the importance of welcoming immigrants and supporting refugee resettlement as a part of your witness and ministry.
Cultural Background Information:
Many of you have expressed interest in learning more about the home countries and cultures of refugees who live here in the Triangle. One of the best resources for learning about refugees is the Cultural Orientation Resource Center created by the Center for Applied linguistics. Click on a country listed below for its cultural background information.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

This is a nice comprehensive resource with country conditions, tool kits for assisting families, and lots of good cultural and historical information.