Click here to submit a case note or donation report.

One of the most important contributions you can make to refugee resettlement is documenting the work that you do by creating a case note. Whether you are accompanying a client to an appointment or simply visiting a family in their apartment, please write a case note to make sure that there is official documentation of the services you have provided.

The donation report part of this form is included so that you can document any purchases or donations you’ve made on behalf of a refugee. For example, you can use the donation portion to record purchasing an outfit for a refugee’s upcoming interview or to record donating a gently used desk for children to do their schoolwork on. Please be sure to keep any receipts and either scan and email them to OR send them to our office at Church World Service, Attn: Matching Grant, 112 S. Duke Street Suite 4B, Durham, NC 27701.

We’ve found that the best case notes are created within 24 hours of when the service is delivered–that way you clearly remember all of the details of the meeting. Thank you very much for your help in welcoming refugees to the Triangle!