CWS-Durham Office
Phone: 919-680-4310 Fax: 919-680-4320
Monday to Thursday (9am – 5pm)

CWS -Durham Immigration Legal Office
Phone: 919 680 3585
Monday to Friday (9am – 5pm)

Ellen Andrews, Director:

Rebecca Schaeffer, Immigration Services Coordinator:

Kelly Chauvin, Immigration Counselor:

Cas Cogswell, Immigration Paralegal:

Nasseer Naji, Case Manager:

Samantha Kubik, Case Manager:

Naw Diana Ler Yee, Case Manager:

Jen Skees, Preferred Communities Case Manager:

Mandy Maring, Employment Services Coordinator:

Erin Edmiston, Employment Specialist:

Erin Spivey, Employment Specialist:

Monique Lohmyer, Employment Specialist:

Emily Milsaps, Employment Specialist:

Jourdi Bosley, Community Resource Coordinator:

Edwin Harris, ESL Instructor:

Sandi George, Accounting Assistant: