a story of coming home

This page is dedicated to A Story of Coming Home, a collaborative fundraising campaign that was created in the fall of 2015 in memory of the dear son of Therese Murray, who is a beloved volunteer at CWS-Durham. Though the fundraiser is no longer active at this time, it is an annual event so stay tuned for more information

Therese, the loving mother of Jackson Murray, and her volunteer counterpart Suzanne, have given almost three years of combined service to our office as ESL volunteers and immigration data support volunteers. Jackson, aged 22, passed away tragically in an auto accident in April of 2010 and, in his honor, Therese and Suzanne are launching this fundraising campaign to help live out one of his many dreams to raise money for an organization that supports families in need. They have served the refugee community through CWS-Durham in a number of ways, and this fundraiser is an extension of their gift.

Suzanne and Mimi

Suzanne and Mimi

We posted regularly for 2 months the  links to stories, updates, and information about refugee resettlement news from these volunteers at our office to give donors and potential volunteers some insight into the work of refugee resettlement, as well as some perspective from the minds and hearts of those providing direct services.

#1 Zita’s Story

#2 Francophone Class at Work

#3 National Citizenship Day

THANK YOU to the Nelson Family for their matching donation of $5,000 in honor of Jackson’s memory and the wonderful work of Therese and Suzanne!

Please consider an office donation to CWS Durham to support refugee resettlement services in the Triangle area, and to contribute to the fruition of Jackson Murray’s dream of community service. In memory, with respect, and in hope for the future, may his song always be sung. One hundred percent of donations received on behalf of this effort will go directly towards supporting the services of the CWS-Durham office.


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