For information on how to hire refugees at your business, please contact our Employment Services Coordinator, Mandy Maring at 919-638-3725 or via email at mmaring@cwsglobal.org

Win makes a great sandwich!

Refugees make wonderful employees!

  • Refugees have incredible availability. As they begin new lives here in our community they bring with them lifetimes of experiences, yet have complete employment availability due to their recent arrival. They are devoted, hardworking employees who are excited to integrate into American society.
  • Employing refugees lowers turnover. Many refugees still work at their first place of employment 3, 5, or even 10 years later. Their life history demonstrates the ability to overcome difficulties in pursuit of achieving goals. They are committed to doing their jobs well and also committed to their supervisors and coworkers.
  • Refugees foster global awareness. Hiring refugees brings both increased creativity and increased marketing opportunities to your company. The ongoing globalization of the world requires more interaction among people from diverse cultures and backgrounds; the presence of refugees therefore positions your company for greater success by providing a much needed global perspective.

Aye Wah enjoys his new job washing dishes

When you hire a refugee who is a client of Church World Service you will also receive support from our Employment Specialists. 
  • We can assist with training and orientation, providing interpretation for the initial training period as well as other specific support as needed. We’re here to assist with bumps that may come up in the early employment process. Our goal is to offer the support needed to make each hire a long term success.
  • We can assist you in completing new hire paperwork and provide all necessary employment documentation. Plus, all our services are free of charge, so you can redirect your company’s resources from advertising and staffing agencies to other company efforts.

Why Hire Refugees : Click on this link for FAQ’s about hiring refugees

“Ninety-five percent of all refugees keep their jobs and are still working 3 months after initial placement. This means NC refugees have one of the highest job retention rates in the nation.” -NC Division of Social Services, Refugee Assistance Program