Volunteer Opportunities

Once you’ve attended one of our monthly volunteer orientation sessions, obtained a certified criminal background check from your local courthouse or Sheriffs Department, and completed our application process, you’ll be ready to serve with CWS-Durham. If you missed the information about how to do these two prior steps, please click on the Volunteer tab at the top of our website, or email jbosley@cwsglobal.org for more information. If your paperwork and application has been cleared after you’ve attended orientation and you’re still unsure which volunteer role suits you best, check out this list for some ideas for how you can get involved with refugee resettlement here in the Triangle.

Volunteer Descriptions:

  1. Conversation Partner
  2. Immigration Assistant
  3. Orientation Support
  4. Event Logistics Assistant
AmeriCorps Member Paige teaches a job skills class.

AmeriCorps Member Paige teaches a job skills class.

Ideas for Involvement:

There are ways to get involved with CWS beyond working directly with clients. Here are a few of our ideas about how you could welcome our newest neighbors to the Triangle. Please contact us to let us know if you are interested in any of these ideas or if you have ideas of your own.

  1. Welcome Kits
  2. Adopt a room
  3. Case Specific Donations Form

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